Banishing Sugar

It’s hard not to like sugar. Our bodies are programmed to enjoy it and to seek it out because it gives us instant energy. But the downside is much worse than simply a low feeling after that ‘sugar high.’ It turns out that sugar is the real culprit behind diseases like cancer and many more. After numerous studies, some dating back at least 10 years, most people still don’t know, and most doctors still don’t know that sugar has replaced saturated fat as the most dangerous food in which to over-indulge.

All things in moderation, but for sugar, it’s also important when you eat it. Sugar intake on an empty stomach will send your blood sugar up and set off a host of reactions, which set your cells up for trouble. If you do eat sugar, and most people will want to indulge at least on special occasions, try to eat some good fats–Omega 3 or 7 fats: some nuts, or protein before consuming the sugar. There’s a good reason dessert follows dinner.

Because cancer cells thrive on glucose, it’s not just a guilty pleasure but a true game changer that can affect your health and longevity. Something so sweet and pleasurable had to come with a downside perhaps. But there are other ways to celebrate life’s milestones than with overly-sweet birthday cake, and good ways to show love or concern for others without resorting to doughnuts.

Look for ways to cut as much sugar out of your diet as you can. Sweetened drinks are the low-hanging fruit of sugar reduction. There’s almost nothing better you can do for your long-term health than to work with your doctor on ways to do more to prevent sugar’s dangerous effects.

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