The MALO Experience
Medical Concierge

All patients are treated with the utmost care and service from the moment you walk into the door. Patients at MALO Health & Wellness are escorted throughout every step of their required care throughout the facility. All of our patients experience the ability to visit various medical specialities and physicians, while maintaining a single, digital, medical record allowing your doctor to easily access care notes from other doctors, that includes information regarding previous prescriptions and treatments, ensuring the highest possible care for you.

The beautiful and luxurious 75,000 square foot space that MALO Health & Wellness occupies allows us to provide multiple medical specialties to you all in one place. Providing the best doctors and medical professionals is just one part of what makes a facility great. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a seamless and efficient experience for you as the patient.

Additional Patient Amenities
  • Cyber Cafe as well as wireless internet access throughout the facility
  • Complimentary Patient Parking
  • Pediatric Waiting Room
  • Flat Screen Televisions
  • MALO Cafe & Coffee Bar

Malo Coffee Bar

Children's Play