Get Good Sleep for Heart Health

In addition to the many well-known lifestyle choices that promote heart health, sufficient sleep is now part of that list. This isn’t surprising to our experts at MALO Health & Wellness, like our new cardiology expert Dr. Michael Schwarz, whose emphasis on lifestyle via both Western and Eastern medical philosophy is integral to his cardiology practice.

According to new research published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, in a 12-year study of more than 14,000 men and women ages 20–65, researchers first looked at the effect of diet, exercise, non-smoking and moderate alcohol consumption. They determined that study participants who undertook those behaviors were 57% less likely to have cardiovascular disease and reduced their chance of dying from heart problems by 67%.

Next, the researchers looked at the effect that a good night’s rest had on a heart-healthy lifestyle. Study participants who slept seven or more hours a night in addition to having the other healthy habits were 65% less likely to develop cardiovascular disease and had an 83% lower chance of dying from it.

The research does not explain why adequate sleep adds to the heart health benefits when combined with the other healthy habits. However, the scientists suggest that short sleep habits are linked to higher rates of obesity, high blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol level.

At MALO, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive approach to health and wellness. Our cardiology services, in addition to our extensive sleep medicine center, provide patients with a thorough menu of services to get healthy, and stay that way.

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