Healthy Tips for St. Patrick’s Day

Green Beer a Tradition? Alternate a glass or two with another green drink—a smoothie with added kiwi or green grapes, kale or spinach, or other green vegetable drink.

Love the Food- Go for the cabbage, but cook it light and quick by simple pan sautéing. Swap out some of the heavier/fattier version with a healthy choice; olive oil & sea salt on your potatoes instead of butter, or whole grain Irish soda bread.

Go for the Green- Provide non-traditional but fun choices to guests, such as avocadoes, cucumbers, spinach and edamame.

Don’t Drink and….you guessed it: Drive- It’s fine to enjoy your Guinness or spirits but you know the cardinal rule: don’t get behind the wheel in any circumstance.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from MALO Health & Wellness!

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