Dr. Paulo MaloThe MALO Health & Wellness was established in 1995 by Dr. Paulo Malo and has become the world’s leading center for dental implants and has also grown into the world’s largest educational center for dental professionals. Continuing its leadership in the medical field Malo has established itself as a global leader in health and wellness. Since its inception, the MALO Health & Wellness has demonstrated exponential growth and development, largely as a result of continuous innovation.

More recently, MALO Health & Wellness has expanded into medical and other health specialties. Combining refined aesthetics and state-of-the-art technology with an unwavering focus on patient health and wellness has led to our innovative concept of a medical mall. For the patients’ convenience these comprehensive medical services are delivered in a single location.

Born from a single dental clinic in Lisbon, Portugal, The  MALO Health & Wellness is presently a global leader in the field of implant dentistry as well as an international multi-dimensional health group specializing in complete preventative and well-being services.

Dr. Malo’s vision to provide total health care in one facility came to fruition as he established a global network of medical expertise and services. This medical mall model has been replicated as a network of Clinics, Spas and partnerships on five continents and is recognized as MALO Health and Wellness.