Libido and Your Hormones

By Rouzebeh Sattari, MD

Libido is a factor for many different things. While at times sex seems compelling and effortless, at other times there may be less interest. But if there is no interest for healthy adults, that is considered outside the norm. The reasons why may be many, but the results are the same. Less sex equals less sex. And so it goes.

It’s a healthy relationship: body and mind foster intimacy. Of course, you can have a wonderfully healthy relationship without sexual intimacy. Yet, isn’t that part of what it means to be in a love relationship?

Remember that it was also something else which sparked the process for each of us at puberty, and got our libido going in the first place: hormones. The reason it seemed so mysterious when we first experienced sexual desire is that new combination of chemicals that, indeed, arranged for a change in our bodies and our brains. If we were lucky, others prepared us for this process, but there is no way to fully prepare someone for the power of hormones.

As we age, our hormones typically decline. This causes commensurate changes in our bodies and affects our ability to enjoy sex; vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction, exhaustion, etc. are a few of the results. The physical affects the emotional, and that becomes part of a cycle.

Just because this is common as people age doesn’t mean it’s the best situation for your relationship, your health or happiness. Hormone levels are the activators which help determine the level of your libido. I recommend that my patients who are interested in optimizing their sexual energy and health have their hormone levels checked. This can reveal underlying issues which may be causing the ill effects that some describe as ‘inevitable’ when it comes to aging.

We’ve all known people for whom this has not been the case. They enjoy happy, healthy sexual relationships into old age. More people can now achieve that state of good health and vitality working with a doctor qualified to analyze hormone levels, as well as related systems in the body. It is possible for more of us to experience sexual fulfillment and fun as we age in ways that are appropriate and optimal for each of us.

For more information call my office at 201-549-8890 for a comprehensive evaluation of your micronutrients, hormones, and inflammation markers, all of which hold the key to your vitality, health and longevity.

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