MALO Announces Grand Opening of Its Ambulatory Surgery Center

MALO Health & Wellness announces the grand opening event for the MALO Center for Ambulatory Surgery (MALO ASC) on Wednesday, June 26, 2013. MALO ASC is an 11,000 square-foot, contemporary surgical center conveniently located adjacent to MALO in Rutherford, NJ. Physicians in attendance will have the opportunity to tour the center and speak with MALO ASC board members.

“This is an exciting venture for us as the new MALO ASC offers patients the best surgeons in the tri-state area, right in their neighborhood,” said Joseph Testani, Chief Administrative Officer. “We can’t overstate the convenience of our location as well as the added benefit of having the most premier physicians and surgeons housed under one MALO name, cutting out the middleman and endless paperwork. Gone are the days of transferring medical records from department to department – we take care of all of that for our patients.”

MALO ASC was designed with the comfort and convenience in mind that has become expected of the MALO experience. The center contains four separate operating rooms providing 23-hour stay capabilities for adult and pediatric care, and boasts the latest advances in surgical procedures including a 3DHD imaging system to aid surgeons in performing endoscopic surgeries with the utmost accuracy. The exclusive 3DHD system is not available in any other ambulatory surgery center in the country.

“Through the acquisition of technology, we’ve ensured that we attract only the finest surgeons, leaders in their fields, really,” Testani said. “There are equity positions still available for surgeons who are serious about their craft, delivering the highest quality care and are committed to the MALO experience.”

For more information regarding the event, how to join MALO ASC’s team of surgeons or to tour the facility, contact Joseph Testani and (201) 549-8811 or visit

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