MALO Health & Wellness to Open ASC

MALO Health and Wellness Set To Open Four (4) Operating Room Ambulatory Surgery Center

New Jersey’s Newest and Most Advanced Outpatient Surgery Center


Rutherford, NJ – November 13 - The MALO Health & Wellness Center is set to open the doors to its state of the art four (4) operating room ambulatory surgery center to physicians and patients alike. The ambulatory surgery center will be known as The MALO Center for Ambulatory Surgery (Malo ASC).The MALO Health & Wellness Center concept has redefined ambulatory care around the world. MALO is presently located in four different continents, with the Rutherford, New Jersey location, representing a fifth continent for the MALO environment. The MALO ASC will serve as a model for patient care and will bring these pioneering standards to New Jersey.



Location, Location, LocationLocated in one of New Jersey’s most densely populated areas, this 11,000 square foot ambulatory surgery center is located just minutes from New York City.  The facility is also located directly across the street from MetLife Stadium, home to the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants. This location is also accessible from several major New Jersey and New York highways, establishing the Malo ASC as an ideal destination for physicians and patients in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. All of these advantages were strategically designed to ensure and maximize our public visibility.

The Network Advantage

Importantly, we have had numerous meetings with different managed care organizations who have characterized The MALO Health & Wellness Center and the MALO ASC as an “incredible clinical environment” and as a “marvel in health care”. One of the biggest decisions that ambulatory surgery centers face is whether to enter into network participation agreements with carriers or elect to be out of network. MALO ASC will evaluate the benefits of network participation or to remain out of network on a payor by payor basis. This potential unique mix of both in and out of network policies ensures a significant reduction in provider disputes while allowing reimbursements to maintain competitive rate advantage. This untangling of the insurance web allows the Malo ASC to focus on the delivery of the highest quality medicine and dentistry.


The 11,000 square foot, four operating room ambulatory surgery center facility is equipped with most modern and comprehensive tools needed for all specialties, including:

*   On-site X-ray Facility

*   On-site Lab Facility

*   Fluroscopic Technology

*   Compounding Pharmacy

The Malo ASC also integrates technologies that facilitate convenient operating room scheduling for physicians as well as organizing patient flow.

A multi-specialty clinical environment, consisting of medicine, dentistry, and numerous other clinical modalities, on the floor below the MALO ASC allows physicians to assess their patients both pre-operatively and post-operatively.  More importantly, this environment allows physicians to interact with other clinical specialists to ensure quick and efficient care delivery.


By hosting a myriad of clinical specialties and modalities, our state of the art facility gives us a distinct advantage over other ambulatory surgery centers.  Many other surgery centers are limited to solely muscoloskeletal procedures or ocular procedures. The MALO ASC will host physicians and clinicians with diverse clinical specialties, including:

*   Orthopedic Surgery

*   Spine Surgery

*   Interventional Pain

*   Podiatric Surgery

*   Hand Surgery

*   Urological Surgery

*   Gynecological Surgery

*   Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

*   Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery

*   Bariatric Surgery

*   Cosmetic Surgery

“We recognize that the need for medical care is not relegated to one geographic area,” says Chief Administrative Officer Joseph Testani. “With our location and reputation, patients from throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania will come to MALO seeking treatment for medical needs that span the gamut of specialties.  Our goal is to ensure that for every patient need, we have the highest caliber physician to treat them.”

Joining the Malo ASC

If you are a physician or clinician in the tri-state area and are interested in learning more about how MALO can help you and your patients, please contact us.

Joseph M. Testani
Chief Administrative Officer

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