Heal your body and mind with Energy Balancing and Medical Qigong. At MALO Health & Wellness, we focus on a complete balance of the mind, body and spirit. Our energy balancing and medical qigong specialists have decades of experience in holistic healing, providing world-class care to ensure our patients return to overall physical and mental wellness. Energy balancing and medical qigong rehabilitate the body and restore balance before or after any medical procedure – from non-invasive to surgical. Find relief and relaxation with Holistic Supplemental Rehabilitation at MALO Health & Wellness.
Meet Our Specialist
Restore Wellness Reiki & Acupressure
Diane Harraka

Restoration of wellness within an individual is accomplished by bringing the body into perfect and complete balance. Restore Wellness provides therapeutic energy sessions for the client’s overall health and wellness. These services are provided with the intention of fully supporting the individual in his/her process of becoming whole and naturally healthy.

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