Spinal Laser Therapy

In the past, individuals with back problems often suffered for years with little relief. Alternatively, many faced invasive spinal surgery that resulted in months of difficult recovery with limited mobility. However, advancements in laser spine therapy have made a dramatic difference in the treatment of many spinal issues.

What is Spinal Laser Therapy?

There are a few types of spinal laser therapy:

-          Cold Laser Therapy

During cold laser therapy, a laser beam points at the affected area. The light (non-thermal or cold) passes through the layers of skin into the affected area of the spine. Since cells are light sensitive, the light enters the injured cells and speeds cell rejuvenation. This recovery includes a reduction in pain and inflammation.

-          Spinal Laser Surgery

Spinal laser therapy was introduced in the 1980s and has continued to evolve and progress as a spinal surgery technique.

The aim of spinal laser therapy is to decrease spinal pressure, stabilize the spine and decrease pain. Instead of traditional surgical instruments, a laser cuts away tissue to allow access to the affected spinal area. This reduces the invasive nature of spinal surgery and typically results in less pain and increased mobility.

Who Can Benefit from Spinal Laser Therapy? 

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