Winter Skin Care

Most of us are used to hearing about summer skin care. During summer, we are urged to use copious amounts of sunscreen on those hot days with bright sun. Now come the winter months and we all seem to put away our skin cream.

However at MALO Health & Wellness, our experts emphasize year round skin care. And while the intensity of the ultraviolet B (UVB) rays is lessened in winter, did you know that ultraviolet A (UVA) rays stay consistent all year long? And that UVA rays are up to 50 times more prevalent in our environment than UVB rays?
UVA rays are somewhat less apparent, as it is the UVB rays that are notorious for causing sunburn. But UVA rays do contribute to skin cancer and they also cause damage to skin, meaning it can lose its elasticity. UVA damage can lead to signs of aging as well, including wrinkles, sagging and brown spots.

Between constant sun and more intense exposure (such as the sun glare from snow), you need to be aware of the importance of maintaining skin care in winter months, which means year-round protection against harmful rays. Remember to apply sunscreen in the winter, preferably at least 20-30 minutes before exposure, allowing the product to absorb into the skin. This is important for you, but don’t forget to make sure your family is protected as well!

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